Weather Volatile Markets With a Merchant Cash Advance

French Broad Capital knows that small businesses often ride the ups and downs of a volatile marketplace, sometimes to their downfall. With a merchant cash advance, you can take advantage of your future merchant sales to pay your bills, today.

Cash Advance Advantages

Every small business can benefit from a cash advance but working with French Broad Capital means you have a leg up on the competition. We offer multiple advantages in our cash advance program. Here are just a few:

  • Get cash fast
  • Spend the money any way you need to
  • Very little paperwork
  • No application fee, closing costs or loss of equity
  • Easy payback plan
  • No collateral required

How It Works

When you qualify for a merchant cash advance, you can gain up to $200,000 for each of your business locations. This advance is taken against your future credit card transactions and we can work with all major providers, including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Since these payments are taken automatically, you don’t have to worry about monthly bills. Use this advance for important purchases, such as new inventory, more staff or advertising.

Get back on track with a merchant cash advance from French Broad Capital. Our financial experts are standing by, ready to walk you through our application process or answer your questions.